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Mass amounts of insulation and ceiling drywall plummet onto bed after attic water loss

House Flooded? I Noah guy

The wild winter storm of 2021 didn't hesitate to hit this home.  Sometimes pipes may burst in the attic, which means you may not know that there's a water loss until it's become a devastation.  This bedroom's ceiling and insulation completely collapsed due to an undetected water loss weakening the building materials.  Our team here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties was able to respond quickly and clean up the mess in no time.  If your home or business has experienced a water loss, call us today at 817-596-8714!

Our Crew Chief is using a thermal imaging camera to detect moisture that we can't see with the naked eye.

Moisture Isn't Always Obvious

Customers often wonder how we know when certain "invisible" spaces, like the frame behind a wall, are wet.  To answer, we have a few different devices that we like to use such as the one pictured here.  This is called a thermal imaging camera.  It detects the difference in temperature of objects and areas.  When a small spot on a wall, for example, is wet, it will have a different temperature than the dry wall surrounding it.  Because of the temperature difference, the damp spot will appear to be a distinctly different color than the area around it.  If you think your home or business may be experiencing water loss, call us today! 817-596-8714

Business with drywall and ceilings completely removed due to water loss

MAJOR Water Loss Requires MAJOR Rehab

This local business haa tough luck when it comes to water loss.  Our team had to completely strip the drywall off of the framing and ceilings to allow the building to dry and avoid mold growth.  This was a big project, nonetheless, but we were able to complete it in record time!  The owner was impressed with the quality of our work and the little time that it was completed in.  If your home or business has experienced a water loss, give us a call at 817-596-8714

Major mold growth found behind commercial bathroom wallpaper

Mold Hides!

While searching for moisture after a commercial water loss, our team found mold growth behind the bathroom wallpaper.  We immediately swooped in and began the SERVPRO mold remediation process.  Fortunately, we were able to clean and sanitize the area, minimizing the amount of mold spores left behind.  If you think your home or business may be experiencing mold growth, call us today! 817-596-8714

Up-close image of warped wood flooring

Warped Floors

During a water loss, moisture can seep into or up under your flooring and cause your wood floors to warp and deform as seen here.  The best way to prevent this is to ensure that all moisture has been expelled from your floors after a flood.  Generally, this requires pulling the flooring up and drying underneath or even replacing the wood flooring entirely.  Fortunately, our technicians here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties are trained by the IICRC to help you dry and restore your flooring. You can call us today at 817-596-8714.

Group picture of SERVPRO employees standing outside in front of SERVPRO van

Thank You For Supporting Our Team

We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has been supportive and graceful during this hectic season.  We have been running around the clock, doing our best to help each and every person who has experienced water damage since the ice storm.  We love our customers and we appreciate YOU for being patient with us!

busted pipe inside of a hotel ceiling

Leaky Pipe

Our team recently cleaned and mitigated a hotel. This commercial job involved a busted pipe inside the ceiling above several rooms. If you have  any questions about our cleaning services, do not hesitate to call. (817)596-8715

standing water inside of a home

Standing water

While things like sinks, dishwashers, and bathtubs can lead to standing water in a home, these things are slightly easier to control than a storm. Storms come in every direction, and seep into cracks in the house, flooding the floor. 

A large pack out we did in Weatherford, Texas

Pack Out

Our team here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties will do whatever is necessary to give our customers the best service. Our customers are the most important part of this business! When we perform a pack-out, we carefully wrap and store all your belongings, take them back to our shop, and hand clean each item. With our team recording and filing each item, we are sure you will never be missing a single possession. Call us today for more information. (817)596-8714

Let SERVPRO make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO is here through the storm

Storms anywhere can become dangerous and even damaging to homes. When the storms hit, houses flood, and home owners fret, we're here to help ease the stress. In any case, whether a small leak in the window sills, or a flooded floor, SERVPRO is here to help and make it "Like it never even happened." Do not hesitate to call us today. For any questions or concerns, our office number is (817)596-8714 

SERVPRO workers helping with Corona Virus

SERVPRO is here no matter what

The SERVPRO workers all across the United States are helping those in need. We are proud to say that in this time of stress we can help ease your worries and clean up your home or office. Our services include many forms of disinfectants and bacterial prevention. Please call us today for a deep cleaning! (817)596-8715 

Weatherford Fire Truck

Weatherford Fire Truck

SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties supports the local fire department! We want to say a big thank you for the hard work they do. Our greatest appreciation goes out to them and their families. 

This grill caught fire at a home in Mineral Wells

Grill starts a fire

At a home in Mineral Wells, Texas, a customer started up his grill after he connected the gas line. After the hose came loose, it lit the roof on fire. The customer was highly satisfied with our work. 

Burn on a concrete wall due to small fire inside of home

Burn on concrete wall

In this picture, we can see that the wall inside this customers home has been burned. Our plan of attack was wiping down, and removing most of the ash off of the wall, then going in with some of our smoke odor/smoke residue removal spray. After the fact, the wall was looking "Like it never even happened." Call us today if you need any touch up's in your home, or smoke odor removal! (817)596-8714

A hair salon covered in fire exstinguisher spray from a break-in/vandalism

Fire exstinguisher vandalism/break-in in Mineral wells, TX

In Mineral Wells, TX, we had a small hair salon break-in. When we entered the building, it was covered in the residue left from the fire extinguisher. We got to work and scrubbed and swept until it was gone. The customer was very impressed by how well we removed the "dust" from the building. At SERVPRO we want to show our customers that we value them and care about their things. While break-ins are rare, they do happen. Regardless, we are always willing to help. Never hesitate to call or ask questions. Call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties today. (817)596-8714

Visible smoke damage in a residential home.

Smoke Damage

At SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties, we try to help our customers fully understand the extent of their situation. We do this so we can provide our customers with the best safety possible, while doing our job. One example of a common misunderstanding, is smoke damage. While not all smoke damage is visible, it is still hazardous. Breathing in the toxins from the smoke and carbon   dioxide can damage the lungs. Our job is to fix the damage to your home, whatever it may be, and keep you and your family safe. Call us today!       (940)596-8714

A house in Weatherford, Texas torn apart by a storm

Weatherford Home Torn Apart

This home in Weatherford, Texas was torn apart by a bad storm. Unfortunately, there are times when homes must be completely remolded due to storms or tornadoes. In this case, SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties could help in whatever way possible. Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. (817)596-8714

Wet, stained ceiling tiles from water damage

Check your Ceiling Tiles

Often times, especially in buildings like schools and offices, you will find these. Wet, stained, or water damaged ceiling tiles. They are common and, luckily, easy to fix. Please call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties if you have ceiling that need replacing! (817)596-8714

Wet carpet in a commercial building before mitigation begins

Commercial Carpet Restoration

Commercial buildings are an important part of our business. While we often do residential homes, we sometimes get calls from big companies. This water job occurred in Granbury, Texas at an animal clinic. The leak came from a water heater on the second floor. We quickly restored the carpet and dried the walls. Call SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties today! (817)596-8714

Drying carpet with a snail shaped fan for best overall airflow.

Carpet drying method

Our technicians here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties try to save carpet whenever they can. If your carpet gets soaked during a house flood, we want to try and restore it if possible. Since this is the case, we wanted to show the method we use to dry the carpet to our best ability, here is a picture. When we arrive at your home, we check the carpets for wetness, deterioration, mold, and more. If we find that the carpet it mold free and perfectly restorable, we start the drying process. We lift the corner of the carpet from the floor. After the proper fans and possible dehumidifiers are brought in, the drying process begins! We want to take care of our customers by showing you an example of the carpet drying and explaining it. 

Dry wall and wood flooring removal.

Water Damage in Weatherford, Tx

These pictures were taken as our technicians removed wet flooring and drywall from a customers' home. Their home suffered severe water damage and here at SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties, we strive to ease the frustrations of these situations. We know water damage in your home can be stressful, so give us a call today and let us help!


Air mover drying out drywall

One of Our Drying Techniques

This picture displays one of the techniques that we apply when drying wet walls. We start by gently hammering holes into the drywall about a foot apart from each other. Then, air movers are strategically placed so that the airflow from our industrial grade fans speeds the drying process.

Have questions? Call SERVPRO at (817)596-8714 

Mold removal from customer's belongings.

Mold Removal

SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties provides our customers with numerous services which include but are not limited to fire & water cleanup, duct & carpet cleanings, and mold removal. We'll even clean your personal belongings. This customer called us in need of a mold removal from his trophy buck! Give SERVPRO a call today (817)596-8714. 


Our many air movers and de-humidifiers are used to help solve water damage emergencies. They are used to dry floors and walls in the rooms and to suck the moisture out of the air, so there is no chance of mold to grow in the house.

New Van

SERVPRO of Parker and Northeast Hood Counties recently purchased a new company van. This lovely SERVPRO green van was bought in Tennessee and driven all the way back to Weatherford so we can make your SERVPRO experience more enjoyable!