Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Bathroom CARPET!?

Have you ever been in a carpeted bathroom? Probably not, right? This homeowner had their house completely carpeted all throughout. When the toilet started lea... READ MORE

Failed Water Heater

This water damage was the result of a failed hot water heater that damaged the homeowner's hallway and living room. SERVPRO of Parker & Northeast Hood Count... READ MORE

Pipe leak in attic

This water damage was the result of a pipe leak in the attic and affected several rooms in the house. Our customer was a little stressed at the situation not kn... READ MORE

Pipe burst's causing ceiling to fall in garage

SERVPRO of Parker and NE Hood County arrived onsite and starting working immediatlely on removing the insulation which had moisture in it. Also had to remove so... READ MORE

“Bathroom Causes Flooding”

Upon arrival there was 6" of standing water, so immediately our professional technician's let the customer know what they will be doing, the carpet, pad, basebo... READ MORE

Flooded Lake House

The owner's were out of town and neighbor noticed water coming out of the house. Owner's arrived and quickly called their Ins. agent and told them to contact SE... READ MORE